Rock ShoxRock Shox Bike Fork Service Parts

Rock Shox Dropout Hardware image Rock Shox Dropout Hardware

- Hardware for Rock Shox forks

Rock Shox Air/Coil Spring Parts image Rock Shox Air/Coil Spring Parts

- Spring parts for Rock Shox forks

Rock Shox Bushing Kits image Rock Shox Bushing Kits

- Each kit includes: 2 upper bushings and 2 lower bushings
- Seals, washers, and clips sold separately
- Kits require special tools for service, see bushing installer and removal tools

Rock Shox Air Spring Service Kits image Rock Shox Air Spring Service Kits

- O-ring/seal kits for servicing/rebuilding air-spring systems
- RS-3095/6/7 also include c-clips, and bottom-out pads
- For BoXXer SoloAir seals, use RS-3091 (found in damper service parts)

Rock Shox Steerer/Crown/Stanchion Parts image Rock Shox Steerer/Crown/Stanchion Parts

- Replacement CSU (crown/steerer/upper) units and BoXXer crowns
- BoXXer top crown sizing reference (headtube+headset): short (3/4" drop): under 160mm / tall (2" drop): 160-190mm

Rock Shox Seal/Wiper Kits image Rock Shox Seal/Wiper Kits

- Dust wipers (and oil seals or foam rings where applicable) for "reviving" Rock Shox forks

Rock Shox Lower Leg Assemblies

- No decals in most cases (not stocking)
- M-A: 20x110mm Maxle thru-axle dropouts (Maxle sold separately unless noted)
- Q/R: 9x100mm quick-release dropouts
- V: linear brake compatible, DB: disc brake compatible

Rock Shox Damper (+ Remote) Kits image Rock Shox Damper (+ Remote) Kits

- PopLoc damper kits: handlebar remote-control PopLoc (or PopLoc-Adjust) kit with complete upper, MotionControl compression damper assembly (or Pure integration pieces)
- MotionControl, MotionControl-IS, MissionControl and Turnkey (NR) non-remote dampers: finger-knob style unit (knob sold separately)
- Standard equipment PopLoc kits can be upgraded to PopLoc-Adjust, left-hand (RS-3208) or right-hand (RS-3209); or PushLoc (RS-3210)

Rock Shox Damper Service Parts image Rock Shox Damper Service Parts

- For Pure, HydraCoil-2 (HC2), MissionControl (MiCo), MotionControl (MoCo), MotionControl-IS (MoCo-IS), and Turnkey dampers

Rock Shox U-Turn & 2-Step Knob Kits image Rock Shox U-Turn & 2-Step Knob Kits

- U-Turn spring-preload knob, detent springs/balls, and mounting bolt
- 2-Step travel-adjust knob and mounting bolt

Rock Shox Disc-Brake Routing Guide image Rock Shox Disc-Brake Routing Guide

- For routing disc-brake housing/tubing to a Rock Shox fork
- Includes: (1) zip-tie, (1) piece of double-sided tape, (1) cable/tubing guide, and (1) alcohol prep pad

Rock Shox TackleBoxx Shop Parts Kits image Rock Shox TackleBoxx Shop Parts Kits

- Spare parts tacklebox-style dealer/shop service kit for each fork model
- SID,Pilot,Judy includes: (20) 'samurai-seal' dust wiper; (20) foam oil ring; (20) air-assist/dualair piston o-ring; (10) dualair inner-piston o-ring; (3) rebound adjuster knob; (10) travel-indicator clip; (10) puredelight IFP o-ring; (10ea) pure compression damper piston and IFP o-ring; (14ea) 8mm crush washer and retainer; (25ea) detent ball and spring; (5) Schrader valve core; (15ea) SID pure damper glide ring and valve shim; (4) pure seal head with inner/outer o-ring; (5) motioncontrol o-ring kit

Rock Shox Top Caps and Air Valves image Rock Shox Top Caps and Air Valves

Featured products
  • Delta Airzound Bike Horn 
    - 115 decibel horn with volume control switch
    - Mounts to most handlebars. No batteries needed
    - Air reservoir is easily refilled with any bike pump
    - Extension allows for more versatility when mounting system
  • Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew 
    - A true classic, and symbol of genius for an iconoclastic brand
    - Patented telescopic, self-aligning system always centers the screw in the center of the cork
    - Hardened steel screw with a wide and shapr profile provides maximum grip on the cork, while the two large levers enable easy extraction without disturbing the wine
    - Includes a wooden case with vinyard-esque packing material
  • Kenda Standard Butyl Tube 
    - Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube
  • Maxxis Xenith 26" Tire 
    - Mountain bike specific slick tire for 26" cross training
    - 60 tpi casing, 70a durometer: Durable, fast rolling compound
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore Fender Set 
    - Superflex unbreakable all-weather polycarbonate
    - Pre-installed stainless steel hardware with mud flaps
    - Includes all hardware for mounting to virtually any bike
  • OURY Grips 
    - Thick profile and raised square blocks with a sticky feel, 98g
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