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Pedros Workshirt image Pedros Workshirt

- Heavy cotton workshirt with yellow stitching

Pedros Shop Apron image Pedros Shop Apron

- Shop-Service mechanics apron
- Voluminous front pocket design for tools and parts
- Neck strap with snap-clip waist
- Black color hides the grease-monkey stains

Pedros Campy BB/Cassette Socket Tool image Pedros Campy BB/Cassette Socket Tool

- Precision sized to for Campagnolo BB's and cassette lockrings
- 24mm socket to work with Pedros Socket Handle
- Heat treated Chrome moly steel

Pedros SynLube Chain Lube image Pedros SynLube Chain Lube

- Improved formula is longer lasting and gives more protection
- Excellent water washout for wet/muddy rides
- Built-in polymer detergents break down dirt

Pedros Extra Dry Chain Lube image Pedros Extra Dry Chain Lube

- 98% natural base carrier with PTFE lubricant
- Great all-purpose lube for parts besides the chain
- Best suited for moderate to dry conditions

Pedros Ice Wax Chain Lube image Pedros Ice Wax Chain Lube

- Most universal Pedros lube
- Patented formula lifts dirt away from the chain surface leaving a soft, icy-slick protection/lubrication barrier

Pedros Road Rage Chain Lube image Pedros Road Rage Chain Lube

- All conditions road use chain lube
- Synthetic formula with Metal Friction Modifiers
- No dyes, longer lasting and lighter than original SynRoad

Pedros ChainJ Chain Lube image Pedros ChainJ Chain Lube

- Mixed or wet conditions lube
- Made from renewable materials and biodegradable

Pedros Go! Chain Lube image Pedros Go! Chain Lube

- Canola based biodegradable low viscosity lube
- Durable, waterproof and cleans easily with OranJ Peelz or ProJ
- Penatrates well into the rollers and plates to provide mess free lubrication

Pedros SynGrease image Pedros SynGrease

- Synthetic formula offers high load and lubricity ratings
- Ideal for bearings, cables, threads, and most grease applications
- White, non-staining formula is waterproof
- Also fits Dualco grease-gun heads

Pedros Velo Grease image Pedros Velo Grease

- All purpose vanilla scented assembly grease, highly resistant to water washout
- Excellent anti-wear properties and anti-rust protection

Pedros Pro J Citrus Degreaser image Pedros Pro J Citrus Degreaser

- Professional strength version of the Oranj Peelz
- Lifts off the most stubborn drivetrain grease
- Can be diluted with water for more cleaning options

Pedros Toothbrush Cleaning Tool image Pedros Toothbrush Cleaning Tool

- Durable double-ended brush
- Ideal for cogs, chainrings, and derailleurs
- Solvent-resistant synthetic handle and bristles

Pedros Chain Keeper image Pedros Chain Keeper

- Simple, easy to install device used for protecting chain and frame while rear wheel is removed, either for repair or transport
- Quick-release mechanism installs/removes in seconds
- Body rotates to adjust chain tension
- Deep groove/guide keeps chain from jumping off

Pedros Citrus Moisturizing Hand Cleaner image Pedros Citrus Moisturizing Hand Cleaner

- Citrus based cleaner cuts through shop grime
- Built in moisturizers keep hands from getting chapped

Pedros Folding Hex/Flat/Torx Wrench Set image Pedros Folding Hex/Flat/Torx Wrench Set

- Super-tough, lightweight composite body/handle
- Folding design for compact storage and use
- 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm heat-treated steel hex wrenches
- Torx T25 (rotor bolt) wrench and flat-blade screwdriver

Pedros Critical Mass Multi Tools image Pedros Critical Mass Multi Tools

- Super light carbon bodied multi tools
- Critical Mass: 2,3,4,5 and 6mm hex and flat blade screwdriver
- Critical Mass M7: 2,2.5,3,4,5 and 6mm hex, M7 Mavic spoke wrench and flat blade screwdriver
- Critical Mass OR: 2,2.5,3,4,5,6 and 8mm hex, #2 crosshead screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver, Torx T-25 and Mavic M7 spoke wrench

Pedros Beverage Wrench image Pedros Beverage Wrench

- Pro-quality heat-treated steel with comfortable no-slip plastic grip
- Precision cut for an exact fit with no slippage or spillage
- Ergonomic design for maximum leverage and comfort
- Thoroughly tested design, lifetime warranty

Pedros Wall Mounted Bottle Opener image Pedros Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

- Quickly dispatches pesky bottle caps
- A must for every kitchen and garage
- Includes mounting screws

Pedros Master Tool Kit 2.1 image Pedros Master Tool Kit 2.1

- 2.1 kit includes 64 professional quality, lifetime warranted tools in a ABS plastic case with custom tool pallets
- Mavic Pro spoke wrench, (3) BB wrenches, (1) 10mm hex wrench (Campy Ultra torque), external BB socket, downhill tire lever, and crank remover
- Kit also includes: cable puller, (2) tire levers, magnetic parts tray, crank remover, spline BMX freewheel socket, cable cutter, beverage wrench, cog wrench, 2-6/8/10mm T/L hex wrenches, Torx T25, HG socket, HG socket without pin, BB socket, 13-19mm cone wrenches, 32/36/40mm headset wrenches, equalizer pedal wrench, 8-15mm ratcheting wrenches, screwdrivers: #1/2 crossheads, 4/5.5/6.5" flatblades, Pro chain tool, tape measure, Campy socket, socket handle, Shimano integrated BB spanner, 4/5/6mm and 2/2.5/3mm Y-wrenches, 6/8mm-hex pedal wrenches, Pro spoke wrenches: black, green, red

Featured products
  • Delta Airzound Bike Horn 
    - 115 decibel horn with volume control switch
    - Mounts to most handlebars. No batteries needed
    - Air reservoir is easily refilled with any bike pump
    - Extension allows for more versatility when mounting system
  • Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew 
    - A true classic, and symbol of genius for an iconoclastic brand
    - Patented telescopic, self-aligning system always centers the screw in the center of the cork
    - Hardened steel screw with a wide and shapr profile provides maximum grip on the cork, while the two large levers enable easy extraction without disturbing the wine
    - Includes a wooden case with vinyard-esque packing material
  • Kenda Standard Butyl Tube 
    - Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube
  • Maxxis Xenith 26" Tire 
    - Mountain bike specific slick tire for 26" cross training
    - 60 tpi casing, 70a durometer: Durable, fast rolling compound
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore Fender Set 
    - Superflex unbreakable all-weather polycarbonate
    - Pre-installed stainless steel hardware with mud flaps
    - Includes all hardware for mounting to virtually any bike
  • OURY Grips 
    - Thick profile and raised square blocks with a sticky feel, 98g
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