29" Bike Tires

Panaracer 29" Bike Tires Panaracer 29" Bike Tires
Panaracer Rampage 29" Tire

- Deep traction 29er tire works well in hardpack and loose conditions
- Zero Slip Grip natural rubber performs on wet or dry surfaces
- Ramped center knobs with X-siping, double block reinforced cornering knobs


Intense 29" Bike Tires Intense 29" Bike Tires
Intense S29 29" Tire

- Lightweight 29" tire based on the System 4 tread with lower knobs
- Dual compound (55/60) EX-DC Lite single ply sidewall


Michelin 29" Bike Tires Michelin 29" Bike Tires
Michelin XC-A/T 29" Tire

- 29er version of the XC-A/T tread pattern, 60tpi casing, single compound


Maxxis 29" Bike Tires Maxxis 29" Bike Tires
Maxxis Ardent 29" Tire

- Aggressive tread, high volume casing tire for All-Mountain to Downhill front or rear applications
- Center tread is designed for acceleration and braking perfomance
- Large block side knobs for reliable high speed cornering
- MP-60: MaxxPro 60 durometer for optimized durability and traction


Kenda 29" Bike Tires Kenda 29" Bike Tires
Kenda Small Block-8 29" Tire

- Tomac Signature Series excellent hard pack cross country race tire
- Eight small Nevegal-shaped knobs across the tire for better bite
- Dual Tread Compound (DTC) with 120 tpi casing, folding bead
- Tested as one of Kenda's fastest rolling MTB tires

Kenda Karma 29" Tire

- Superlight, large volume 29er tire featuring L3R Pro rubber compound for reduced rolling resistance and longer tire life
- Low profile square knobs perform surprisingly well in both loose and firm terrain. 120 tpi casing


Halo 29" Bike Tires Halo 29" Bike Tires
Halo Choir Master 29" Tire

- 29" all conditions, multi-directional tread with lightweight carcass
- Shallow 3.5mm tread width reduces knob deflection, rolling resistance


Hutchinson 29" Bike Tires Hutchinson 29" Bike Tires
Hutchinson Python 29" Tire

- 29er tire with centerline tread for reduced rolling resistance
- TR: Tubeless Ready UST bead on a standard lightweight casing. Can be run tubeless or tubed and inflates easily with floor pump
- Air Light: weight optimized tread, carcass and profile. 127 tpi casing


Interloc Racing Design 29" Bike Tires
Interloc FireXC Pro 29" Tire

- Modeled after the FireXCPro 26" tread
- Multi-condition tread with supple feel with stiff sidewalls
- Dual directional tread, flip the tread to run in the rear
- Multi-stepped knobs and specially shaped side wall knobs


Schwalbe 29" Bike Tires Schwalbe 29" Bike Tires
Schwalbe Big Apple 29" Tire

- All-around pavement/hardpack balloon tire with KevlarGuard flat protection


Stans 29" Bike Tires
Stans The Crow 29" Tire

- Features short, diamond shaped center knobs with a low rolling resistance rubber
- Side knobs are softer durometer for improved grip and cornering
- Designed to be used at low pressure (15-43psi)
- Special Kevlar bead designed to be stronger and work better for tubeless applications


WTB 29" Bike Tires WTB 29" Bike Tires
WTB Prowler SL 29" Tire

- Evenly spaced tread rolls quickly, performs well in wet or dry conditions
- Race: DNA rubber (fast rolling, long wearing, high traction compound)

WTB Stout 29" Tire

- Freeride tire with Supertrack DNA 50a medium rubber, lightweight casing
- Staggered center tread rolls fast, open knob spacing sheds mud well

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Featured products
  • Delta Airzound Bike Horn 
    - 115 decibel horn with volume control switch
    - Mounts to most handlebars. No batteries needed
    - Air reservoir is easily refilled with any bike pump
    - Extension allows for more versatility when mounting system
  • Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew 
    - A true classic, and symbol of genius for an iconoclastic brand
    - Patented telescopic, self-aligning system always centers the screw in the center of the cork
    - Hardened steel screw with a wide and shapr profile provides maximum grip on the cork, while the two large levers enable easy extraction without disturbing the wine
    - Includes a wooden case with vinyard-esque packing material
  • Kenda Standard Butyl Tube 
    - Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube
  • Maxxis Xenith 26" Tire 
    - Mountain bike specific slick tire for 26" cross training
    - 60 tpi casing, 70a durometer: Durable, fast rolling compound
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore Fender Set 
    - Superflex unbreakable all-weather polycarbonate
    - Pre-installed stainless steel hardware with mud flaps
    - Includes all hardware for mounting to virtually any bike
  • OURY Grips 
    - Thick profile and raised square blocks with a sticky feel, 98g
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