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Clif Original Bars image Clif Original Bars

- A moderate glycemic index food with a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber
- Results in a steady increase in blood sugar levels followed by a gradual decline
- Eat a bar 1-2 hours before a workout or race, and you'll avoid the sugar high and crash associated with refined ingredients and sweeteners
- Individually packaged 2.4oz (68g) bars

Luna Sport Moons image Luna Sport Moons

- Moon shaped, bite size women's specific energy chews
- Watermelon includes energizing B vitamins
- Bluberry includes the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E
- Pomegranate includes 50% DV vitamin C
- Packaged in individual 1.058oz pouches

Luna Sport Electrolyte Drink image Luna Sport Electrolyte Drink

- The first women's specific organic sports ddrink
- Contains the right amount of carbs to fuel your workout and keep you hydrated
- Helps restore electrolytes lost through sweat
- 80 calories per water bottle

Luna Sport Recovery Drink image Luna Sport Recovery Drink

- The first women's protein recovery drink
- Only 120 calories per serving and 8 grams of whey protein
- Has vitamins and minerals women need for energy production and muscle repair
- A delicious treat following any workout
- Try mixing it with milk or soy milk for an added boost of calcium and protein

Clif Builder Clif Builder's Bars

- High in protein with 20g of soy and nut proteins
- 33-35% organic ingredients
- No trans fat or hydrogenated oils and 23 vitamins and minerals
- Ingredients do not contain GMOs
- Individually packaged 2.4oz (68g) bars

Clif Mojo Bars image Clif Mojo Bars

- The Natural SnackBar made for people on the move who want something salty when sweet just won't cut it
- Filled with roasted whole nuts, organic pretzel pieces, and other tasty morsels
- Perfect as an afternoon snack at the office or a satisfying munch while on a hike
- Now made with 75% organic ingredients
- Individually packaged 1.59oz (45g) bars

Clif Mojo Dipped Bars image Clif Mojo Dipped Bars

- Mojo bar dipped in creamy cocoa, peanut butter or vanilla
- Filled with crunchy nuts pretzels or fruits
- 70% organic with no trans fats, hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup
- 8-9 grams of protein
- QAI and kosher certified

Clif Nectar Bars image Clif Nectar Bars

- 100% organic ingredients
- 2 servings of fruit with 5 or fewer ingredients and 4-6g of fiber
- No trans fat or processed sugars
- Made without soy, wheat, gluten or dairy
- Packaged in individual 1.6oz (45g) eazy-open foil packets

Clif SHOT Energy Gel image Clif SHOT Energy Gel

- A fast-acting and easy-to-digest, semi-liquid source of carbohydrates (70% complex / 30% simple) and electrolytes made with 90% organic ingredients
- The primary ingredient is organic brown rice syrup which provides easily assimilated carbohydrates for working muscles
- Packaged in individual 1.1oz eazy-open foil packets with patented 'litter leash' to promote proper disposal


- 95% USDA certified organic formulation of carbohydrates and electrolytes
- Simple-to-handle, easy-to-chew, and provides similar nutrition to SHOT energy gel (200 calories per packet)
- The primary ingredient is organic brown rice syrup which provides easily assimilated carbohydrates for working muscles
- Margarita flavor provides 210 mg of sodium which is 3 times the amount of other flavors
- New Fastpak packaging easier to dispense individual 60g (2.1oz) pouches: 6 blocks @ 10g each

Clif SHOT Electrolyte Drink Mix image Clif SHOT Electrolyte Drink Mix

- Designed to deliver fluids, carbohydrates, and electrolytes to your body at an optimal rate as you sweat them out
- Contains high levels of sodium and tartness so that it will quench your thirst and then subtly prime your thirst mechanism
- 92% certified organic by Quality Assurance International
- Crisp Apple flavor contains caffeine and wheat (for fiber)
- Packaged in a 2lb (900g) recyclable canister providing (45) 8oz servings

Clif SHOT Recovery Drink Mix image Clif SHOT Recovery Drink Mix

- Designed to re-deliver fluids, protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, electrolytes, vitamins A,C,E, and green tea anti-oxidants (contains dairy)
- Ideal for optimizing your 30-minute post-activity recovery period
- Packaged in a 2.1lb (960g) recyclable canister providing (24) 8oz servings

Clif HOT SHOTS Drink Mix image Clif HOT SHOTS Drink Mix

- Same formulation as their cold counterparts
- Made with hot water to warm you up on those cold winter days
- Packaged in individual 1.41oz pouches

Featured products
  • Delta Airzound Bike Horn 
    - 115 decibel horn with volume control switch
    - Mounts to most handlebars. No batteries needed
    - Air reservoir is easily refilled with any bike pump
    - Extension allows for more versatility when mounting system
  • Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew 
    - A true classic, and symbol of genius for an iconoclastic brand
    - Patented telescopic, self-aligning system always centers the screw in the center of the cork
    - Hardened steel screw with a wide and shapr profile provides maximum grip on the cork, while the two large levers enable easy extraction without disturbing the wine
    - Includes a wooden case with vinyard-esque packing material
  • Kenda Standard Butyl Tube 
    - Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube
  • Maxxis Xenith 26" Tire 
    - Mountain bike specific slick tire for 26" cross training
    - 60 tpi casing, 70a durometer: Durable, fast rolling compound
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore Fender Set 
    - Superflex unbreakable all-weather polycarbonate
    - Pre-installed stainless steel hardware with mud flaps
    - Includes all hardware for mounting to virtually any bike
  • OURY Grips 
    - Thick profile and raised square blocks with a sticky feel, 98g
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