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1st Endurance Optygen Pills image 1st Endurance Optygen Pills

- Optygen: Increases the body's ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress
- Improves the body's utilization of oxygen, increases VO2 Max and aneaerobic threshold while reducing lactic acid
- OptegynHP: provides 1,000mg Beta-Alanine per serving
- Beta-Alanine increases muscular endurance, boosts strength, improves exercise capacity and delays muscular fatique
- HP has 5% rosavin-Rhodiola and is 67% more active than the 3% Rhodiola found in the original Optygen formula

1st Endurance Daily MultiV Pills image 1st Endurance Daily MultiV Pills

- Designed to enhance endurance
- Only multivitamin that contains Carbogen, a patented enzyme blend proven to improve carbohydrate utilization and increase time to exhaustion
- Formula includes effective doses of Enzymes, Iron, Green Tea, Ginko Biloba and Omega-3 fatty acids

1st Endurance PreRace image 1st Endurance PreRace

- Designed to stimulate the Nitric Oxide (NO) system, increase time to exhaustion and improve performance
- Nitric Oxide improves blood flow, clears lactate and delivers more nutrients to working muscles
- Contains doses of Taurine, Citruliline MalateQuercetin and neuro stimulants that have been shown to stimulate the Nitric Oxide system, increase cardiac output and improve mental acuity

1st Endurance Ultragen Recovery Drink Mix image 1st Endurance Ultragen Recovery Drink Mix

- Recovery formula designed to deliver levels of nutrients found to maximize recovery
- Contains all five electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium
- Also contains 60g high glycemic sugars, 20g low molecular weight proteins, 1250% vitamin E, 670% vitamin C, 6g L-Glutamine 4-5g Branched chain amino acids and 19 minerals and other vitamins

1st Endurance EFS Drink Mix image 1st Endurance EFS Drink Mix

- Energy drink designed as an Electrolyte Fuel System
- Contains all five necessary electrolytes in the appropriate levels for athletes
- Promotes cellular respiration
- High glycemic for faster absorption

EFS shot, vanilla

- Each 5 ounce shot contains 400 calories, 1500 milligrams of electrolytes, and 1000 milligrams of amino acids
- Packaged in a refillable, reusable, and 100 percent recyclable container
- Contains no gelling agents that slow down absorption and digestion

Featured products
  • Delta Airzound Bike Horn 
    - 115 decibel horn with volume control switch
    - Mounts to most handlebars. No batteries needed
    - Air reservoir is easily refilled with any bike pump
    - Extension allows for more versatility when mounting system
  • Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew 
    - A true classic, and symbol of genius for an iconoclastic brand
    - Patented telescopic, self-aligning system always centers the screw in the center of the cork
    - Hardened steel screw with a wide and shapr profile provides maximum grip on the cork, while the two large levers enable easy extraction without disturbing the wine
    - Includes a wooden case with vinyard-esque packing material
  • Kenda Standard Butyl Tube 
    - Standard .85mm wall thickness butyl tube
  • Maxxis Xenith 26" Tire 
    - Mountain bike specific slick tire for 26" cross training
    - 60 tpi casing, 70a durometer: Durable, fast rolling compound
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore Fender Set 
    - Superflex unbreakable all-weather polycarbonate
    - Pre-installed stainless steel hardware with mud flaps
    - Includes all hardware for mounting to virtually any bike
  • OURY Grips 
    - Thick profile and raised square blocks with a sticky feel, 98g
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